Our Mandate

Municipalities across Canada are awakening to the realization that data and analytics can transform their business.  It has the capacity to break down silos, answer questions that go across the organization and bring people together.

The need to bring people together is as true now as it was in 1996 when the YorkInfo Partnership was formed. What began as a program to understand Geographic Information Systems (GIS), quickly became well-established with all members working together to build and leverage their collective investment in GIS data, people and technology.

Today, this innovative program has evolved from GIS to data and analytics.  This evolution is providing significant value to its members by:

  • Partnering to reduce costs in acquiring data and technology
  • Delivering common projects that increase efficiencies
  • Increasing data literacy through workshops and training
  • Establishing a network for data sharing amongst partners
  • Sharing data online to residents and businesses

The program promotes a culture of sharing. As a result, close to 1.2 million residents receive programs and services powered by data and analytics.

Our Members

The partnership’s proven success has led to increasing buy-in and support among the partnership senior management and a renewed realization of its impact.  

The Partnership is:

  • Accountable directly to the local Chief Administrative Officers
  • The Executive Board meets annually and is made up of Directors and CIOs from all partner organizations. The Executive Board confirms needs, sets priorities, commits resources and reviews the overall program and progress.
  • The Coordinating Committee is comprised of GIS Coordinators, Managers and Analysts.  They meet five times a year to review the status of the projects, discuss joint data and/or technology purchases and share knowledge to aid in partner program building.
  • Task forces are created for all major projects and purchases
  • Measured through a multi – year work plan that includes a tracking scorecard to assess satisfaction across three dimensions – Readiness, Implementation and Impact.
  • Coordinated by a dedicated Partnership Manager
  • Supported by 25 Regional Staff

Partnership Structure

Our Achievements

List of achievements by the York Info Partnership between 1996 and 2024.

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